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Selected Quotations from Brocky by Sylvia Shepherd

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"Brocky was eight inches long and weighed four ounces. He was still blind and must have been a week old. His coat was a beautiful Chinchilla grey, except for his tummy and stumpy little legs, which were covered with coarsish shiny black hair. His head was white with two well-defined black stripes running from behind his ears, over his eyes and tapering down to his nose, and ending in what can best be described as a quirk or a squiggle. They gave him a very clownish expression."
From Page 12 of Brocky the Badger by Sylvia Shepherd

"Apprehensively I lifted up the lid of the shoe box. Brocky was lying curled up asleep with his head tucked down onto his chest and his forepaws over and protecting his nose ... he was now lying snug and warm making the faintest little sucking noises in his sleep."
From Page 16 of Brocky the Badger by Sylvia Shepherd

"It was rather like having a baby in the house again. At first I fed him every three hours, night and day, although I was soon able to cut out the nightly feeds and, as his tummy grew bigger, give proportionately more by day. He loved his bottle and would put his two tiny forepaws round the neck of it as he sucked lustily to the last drop."
From Page 19 of Brocky the Badger by Sylvia Shepherd

"(Brocky) was beginning to find things to eat for himself. Every stick and stone which he came to had to be nosed over, or if larger, pulled over with a paw, to see if there were any juicy black beetles underneath, or any other badger delicacy. We were always able to tell if he had found anything eatable, as he was never a quiet eater..."
From Page 36 of Brocky the Badger by Sylvia Shepherd

"(Brocky) would gather a huge pile of dead leaves and bracken to use as fresh bedding. Clutching the leaves to his chest, he would back down into his den. It took him a long time to gather sufficient for his bed, as he tended to drop most of the leaves on the way, but he was very industrious, sometimes making as many as ten journeys."
From Page 56 of Brocky the Badger by Sylvia Shepherd

"In September ... (Brocky) ... concentrated on getting fat for the winter months which were to come. ... He ate ravenously. It seemed impossible to satisfy him. At a sitting he could eat two pounds of mince! ... His weight increased from thirty to forty pounds!"
From Page 57 of Brocky the Badger by Sylvia Shepherd

"(Brocky) was the most animated and noisy sleeper I have ever come across. He snored just liked some asthmatic old man, and the snoring would be interspersed with heaving sighs. He had dreams or nightmares when his legs would start to twitch, and his rate of breathing would increase until he was actually panting as though running."
From Page 65-66 of Brocky the Badger by Sylvia Shepherd

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