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The Darkness is Light Enough by Chris Ferris

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Content-Type Badger Experience
Description Described accurately as "The Field Journal of a Night Naturalist", this book provides a fascinating and detailed account of the wildlife observations made over a long period by Chris Ferris.
With a Foreword by Ernest Neal and some fantastic illustrations by William Geldart, this is an exciting, absorbing and authentic book about life in the countryside. Whilst the book covers field observations from an area of "only" about 800 acres, it covers a time period of some four years. During this time Chris Ferris describes some of the hideous destruction of wildlife which takes place beneath our noses. That said, The Darkness Is Light Enough is not an aggressive book - on the contrary it is gentle, charming and deeply persuasive in its very humanity.
Summary Definitely a book to get hold of and read.
Written by Chris Ferris (with a Foreword by Ernest Neal)
Illustrated by William Geldart
Photographs by None
Written in 1986
Last Revised in n/a
Size 195mm by 130mm (height by width)
Pages 404
ISBN 0 7221 3494 0
Publisher Michael Joseph Ltd / Sphere Books Ltd
Copyright Owner Chris Ferris and William Geldart
In Print? Out of Print
Review Date 30 May 2008
Front and Cover
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