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Eileen Soper's Book of Badgers

Content-Type Badger Experience
Description The younger daughter of a successful artist (George Soper), Eileen Soper lived for 80 years in the same Hertfordshire house, working incessantly at etching and commercial book illustration. Following the death of her father, she became more interested in the natural world, and in 1950s she discovered the great passion of her life - badgers. For months at a time she ventured out to observe and draw the badgers who lived near her home. She published several books about her observations, but it was not until after her death that hundreds of superb colour illustrations were discovered in her studio. Some of the best are reproduced here - the result being an absorbing and beautiful book.
Summary Like the badger, Eileen Soper was in many ways a secretive and reclusive figure. That said, the illustrations and watercolours of badgers are some of the best ever produced; and this is a superb book if you can find one in good condition.
Written by Eileen Soper (with forward by Duff Hart Davis)
Illustrated by Eileen Soper
Photographs by None
Written in 1955 to 1959
Last Revised in 1992
Size 270mm by 240mm (height by width)
Pages 144
ISBN None given (Bar Code: CN8274 9 781854 871343)
Publisher BCA by arrangement with Robinson Publishing
Copyright Owner Eileen Soper (with forward by Duff Hart Davis)
In Print? Out of Print
Review Date 30 October 2005
Front and Cover
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