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The White Badger by Gordon Burness

Content-Type Badger Experience
Description Gordon Burness, a wildlife enthusiast, was surprised when eleven-year-old Gary and his brother arrived on his doorstep, asking to be taken badger watching. But he was even more surprised that very night when one of them spotted a white albino badger cub. This books is the story of Snowball, their name for the white badger, told in Gary's own words to Gordon, who wrote it down. In it we share the excitement and the fears, the adventures, probable and improbable, of the three badger-watchers, as they see Snowball growing up, finding a mate and having cubs of his own.
Summary A lovely story of a highly unusual badger experience.
Written by Gordon Burness
Illustrated by Conrad Bailey
Photographs by Gordon Burness
Written in 1970
Last Revised in 1970
Size 195mm by 127mm (height by width)
Pages 112
ISBN 0 552 54130 3
Publisher Corgi Carousel (Transworld Publishers Ltd)
Copyright Owner Gordon Burness
In Print? Out of Print
Review Date 18 October 2005
Front and Cover
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