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Badgers of Yorkshire and Humberside by RJ Paget and ALV Middleton

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Content-Type Factual Book
Description One of the many books which were written following the inspirational work of Ernest Neal, this is a detailed account of Badgers in Yorkshire and Humberside. Starting with an authoritative account of badger setts' badger behaviour the book also gives a detailed study of badger behaviour of a single sett near Mirfield. Thereafter, the two authors methodically criss-cross Yorkshire and Humberside outlining badgers setts in various parishes. Whilst accurate sett locations are not given away, this book does provide an excellent snapshot as to badger prevalence in Yorkshire in the early 1970s. Even accounting for a few missing records, it seems that badgers may be present in greater numbers nowadays - thanks in no great measure to badger protection laws.
Summary A book that every badger enthusiast must have on their bookshelf. Even if you don't live in Yorkshire, the information given here is highly relevant to other areas. This book is well worth paying a decent amount of money for.
Written by Adrian LV Middleton and Richard J Paget (with additional notes by Keith Bradbury)
Written in 1974
Last Revised in None
Size 210mm by 155mm (height by width)
Pages 132
ISBN 0 900657 28 6
Publisher William Sessions Ltd
Copyright Owner Adrian LV Middleton and Richard J Paget
In Print? Out of Print
Review Date 01 June 2008
Front and Cover
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