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The Fate of the Badger by Richard Meyer

Content-Type Factual Book
Description The badger is the last truly wild large mammal left in the British countryside and this book provides an excellent account of its plight. Whilst the badger remains as a protected species, it continues to be persecuted by man - either by badger baiters or by the Ministry of Agriculture (MAFF).
Richard Meyer carefully examines the incomplete evidence on which the badger-killing programme has been based. He does so in an objective manner, looking both at the defence of the badger and the need to protect the interests of farmers. This very fair-minded approach allows the reader to form their own conclusions.
Summary A superb technical book, which should be made compulsory reading by politicians and policy makers.
Written by Richard Meyer
Illustrated by Richard Meyer
Photographs by Various
Written in 1986
Last Revised in 1986
Size 220mm by 140mm (height by width)
Pages 112
ISBN 0 7134 51890
Publisher Batsford
Copyright Owner Richard Meyer
In Print? Out of Print
Review Date 19 October 2005
Front and Cover
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