Pictures and Photographs of Badgers in the UK
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Badgers by Ernest Neal & Chris Cheeseman

Content-Type Factual Book (also known as the "Badger Bible")
Description This book contains the authors combined experience of over 80 years of badger study. Badgers provides the most up-to-date and easy-to-read synthesis of the extensive knowledge which now exists about these fascinating animals. It makes available to naturalists, conservationists, professional scientists and the general reader material only previously published in scientific papers both at home and abroad. With objective coverage of the contentious bovine tuberculosis issue and a chapter on other species of badger worldwide, this is the most comprehensive book on badgers to date. It also includes specially commissioned artwork and several pages of colour photographs. The book features include:
  • The most up-to-date treatment of badgers

  • Authored by a recognised authority with two previous books

  • Explores new research

Summary With all the "politics" about badgers in the UK, it is not easy to get unbiased information. This book provides a wealth of factually-accurate data, and lots of illuminating anecdotes about many many years of badger watching. Whilst it 'aint the cheapest badger book, do not be deterred by the price; as it is absolutely worth every single penny!
Truly the best book about badgers. It combines in-depth factual information with the authors experience and many illuminating anecdotes about badgers and their nocturnal behaviour. It is a book that every-one who studies or deals with badgers should read from cover to cover, and keep on their shelf for reference.
Written by Ernest Neal and Chris Cheeseman
Illustrated by John Davis and Michael Clark
Photographs by Michael Clark and others
Written in 1986 to 1996
Last Revised in 1996 (a heavily revised version of Ernest Neal's 1986 book entitled The Natural History of Badgers)
Size 240mm by 160mm (height by width)
Pages 272
ISBN 0 85661 082 8
Publisher Poyser Books (now taken over by A C Black)
Copyright Owner Ernest Neal and Chris Cheeseman
In Print? Re-Print being Considered
Review Date 19 October 2005
Front and Cover
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