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The Social Badger by Hans Kruuk

Content-Type Factual Book
Description The badger is a social animal, but only up to a point. Whilst groups live together and collectively defend a territory, they do not go round in packs. They do not help each other very much when it comes to the job of rearing cubs. Whilst they do rely on a very good sense of smell, they have very little in the way of visual displays or of vocalizations. So long as badgers have setts in which to live, most of their territories and lives are governed by the need for food, which is strongly influenced by man's use of the landscape. As well as explaining much about the badger, Hans Kruuk also suggests intelligent management practices to promote the co-existence of landowners, agriculture and badgers. Importantly, this book also publishes some information which was previously available only in scientific papers.
Summary As Hans Kruuk worked for the Institute of Terrestrial Ecology in Banchory in Kincardineshire, this book has the look and feel of an academic work. However, despite the author's academic credentials, the book is actually a very accessible and informative work which explains the detail of the ecology and behaviour of Meles meles (the Latin name for the badger). A very good book for badger groups and badger enthusiasts.
Written by Hans Kruuk
Illustrated by Hans Kruuk
Photographs by Hans Kruuk, Geoffrey Kinns and Biofotos
Written in 1989
Last Revised in 1989
Size 240mm by 160mm (height by width)
Pages 156
ISBN 0 19 858703 1
Publisher Oxford University Press
Copyright Owner Hans Kruuk
In Print? Out of Print
Review Date 30 October 2005
Front and Cover
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