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The Badger by Thomas Hayden

Content-Type Factual Book
Description On the 6th to 7th March 1991, the Royal Irish Academy held a seminar in Dublin. The purpose of this academic seminar was to discuss the biology of the badger in Ireland, investigations into bovine (cattle) TB insofar as they affect the badger, and the research work which would be necessary in order to understand the relationship between bovine TB, cattle and the badger. This book is essentially a series of chapters, each of which is the scientific paper published at the seminar by its academic author. Accordingly, this book will be of interest to academic scientists and researchers, but, perhaps very few others. It certainly requires the reader to be fully aware of how to understand scientific literature to make the best use of it.
Summary Is it worth ploughing through this book in 2005? Perhaps researchers might be better looking at more recent published scientific literature too.
Written by Thomas J Hayden
Illustrated by None
Photographs by None
Written in 1991
Last Revised in 1991
Size 240mm by 160mm (height by width)
Pages 212
ISBN 1 874045 14 3
Publisher Royal Irish Academy
Copyright Owner Royal Irish Academy
In Print? Out of Print
Review Date 22 October 2005
Front and Cover
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