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The Badgers of Summercombe by Ewan Clarkson

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Content-Type Fictional Story
Description Since well before the ice age, the badger has been a part of the English countryside, a mysterious and rarely glimpsed creature of the night. Ewan Clarkson takes us into this twilight world through the story of Borun, one of the badgers of the Summercombe wood. A combination of natural enemies and persecution by local farmers force Borun to leave his home in search of a new home. As he travels he encounters many adventures in the wild and forms unusual friendships in his fight for survival in a changing and often hostile environment.
Summary A dramatic and moving book, based on Ewan Clarkson's first-hand observation of wildlife. His insights into the natural order and its conflicts with the world of man provide a thought-provoking dimension to an exciting story.
Written by Ewan Clarkson
Illustrated by David Murray
Photographs by None
Written in 1977
Last Revised in 1977
Size 220mm by 145mm (height by width)
Pages 160
ISBN 0 0912 9920 9
Publisher Hutchinson of London
Copyright Owner Ewan Clarkson
In Print? Still in Print
Review Date 19 October 2005
Front and Cover
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