Pictures and Photographs of Badgers in the UK
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Animal Life of the British Isles by Edward Step

Content-Type Wildlife with some badger information
Description Another badger book, published as part of a wider animal life book. Being written as long ago as 1921, you can say with great surprise that the contents of this book are largely accurate. However, some information does seem dated and some of the behaviour not quite as common as the book suggests. Although badgers do have a few sleepy days in the winter, they do not hibernate as the book suggests, and they do not raid birds nests as a rule either. That said, this is a generalist book written when information about badgers was very scarce, so we will forgive the writer a few indiscretions.
Summary A nice section about badgers in an old fashioned animals book!
Written by Edward Step
Illustrated by None
Photographs by M J Stokoe
Written in 1921
Last Revised in 1939
Size 175mm by 125mm (height by width)
Pages 184
Publisher Fredrick Warne & Co Ltd
Copyright Owner We believe that Copyright in this work has expired
In Print? Out of Print
Review Date 28 February 2007
Front and Cover
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