How, When and Where to See Badgers across the UK
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Finding Badgers?
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Wildlife Parks

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Encounters in the wild

Here we use the term "Wildlife Park" to mean a location where wildlife are generally present, being cared for until they are well enough to be returned to the wild (wherever reasonably possible) or live there permanently in reasonable conditions of space and freedom.

The parks we have listed here are generally happy to receive visitors (from the public, schools, badger groups and so on). They should have available parking facilities and educational/informative displays, and possibly ancillary services (such as visitor centres, shops, etc).

Note that this is not a list of all the locations where badgers may be present, as some locations are either not geared up for visitors or wish to take care of wild badgers whilst maintaining a minimum contact with people.

If you wish to be listed in this section, please Email Us with details of what badgers you have on display; and we will consider listing you here.