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Finding Badgers?
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Donations Policy

From 16th January 2006

Badgerland rebate 100% of the proceeds of any sales of second-hand goods (described as being sold to support a UK-based charity to help badgers) sold by us on eBay.

Badgerland also rebate 75% of any commission receive from Commission Junction, TradeDoubler and Amazon.com to a UK-based badger charity.

Badgerland also rebate 25% of any licensing income made from our images on this web-site, or our other images which are not hosted on the web.

The remainder of this commission is used to support this web site and answering queries about badgers.

5th April 2004 to 15th January 2006

Badgerland rebated 75% of all commission receive from Commission Junction, TradeDoubler and Amazon.com to a UK-based badger charity.

Prior to 5th April 2004

Badgerland rebated 25% of all commission we actually received to a UK-based badger charity.

Our Aims

www.badgerland.co.uk has four main aims:
  • Provide information about the Badger (for free).
  • Help teachers, lecturers, parents and any other "educators" teach badger-friendly things to children and adults.
  • Sell books, DVDs and videos about badgers, their environments and related topics.
  • Provide a mechanism so people can give to badger charities.
Obviously, setting up the web-site has been an expensive undertaking, as is maintaining the web-site and dealing with the many emails which we get asking about badgers and so on.

If you buy new books/videos/DVDs through us, these books are supplied by Amazon. So far as you are concerned, the price you pay doesn't change (whether you use us or Amazon), but if you buy through us; a UK badger charity will benefit. Of course, Amazon often offer excellent discounts, so you often end up buying the same items for lessmoney from Amazon, than from high street shops.

If you click a link here to buy a book, or use our Amazon search engine to buy a book, Amazon make a commission payment to us. The amount of this commission varies between 0.0% and 7.5%, depending on the item, its cost, whether Amazon have it in stock and other factors. Normally the commission is 5.0% (although the actual amount is determined by Amazon, as per their terms and conditions).

In terms of our "requirements" to be met by the Badger Group, they are always asked to give an assurance that the monies or items we donated go directly towards the rescue, treatment, rehabilitation or re-settlement of a badger or a badger cub. In this way, we can be certain that our Donations Policy helps actual badgers in the wild; and doesn't get swallowed up in administration costs or bureaucracy.

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Perfect Badger Photos
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