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DO NOT provide an Emergency rescue service.

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Badgerland do not condone the use of illegal methods or activities. We can understand why people take strong action to save badgers from persecution. We also take the view that in very many instances the killing of badgers is and remains illegal (whether by Krebs workers, badger baiters or others who kill badgers needlessly).

No Shocking Imagery

Badgerland do not condone the use of appalling or shocking imagery especially in areas where children might stumble on it and find it distressing. We are just as annoyed and angry at badger-baiting, the use of snares and the massively excessive abuse of animals which constitutes the Krebs badger-culling trial and the government/NFU Backed badger extermination programs; as any-body you will ever meet in any part of the badger-community. However, we choose not to display that imagery on our web-site. Other web-sites show sickening pictures of animal abuse if you really want to look at them.

Use Democratic Methods

Badgerland always urge people to use democratic methods to change the way in which things are done. Note that democracy doesn't just include the vote we have every few years for the Westminster parliament. It might also include pestering your MP about badgers, speaking or writing to the RSPCA about badgers, joining your local Badger Group or the Badger Trust or direct action groups such as Hunt Sabs / League Against Cruel Sports / Stop the Cull type organisations.

The following organisations do a great deal to stop the persecution of animals: