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DO NOT provide an Emergency rescue service.
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Badgerland encourage farmers to run their farms following "best practice". Farming policy mistakes have been made over the past decades, but these are rarely caused only by individual farmers. Most of the past problems in farming and agriculture stem from bad policy or poor management (by agri-business, MAFF/DEFRA or by politicians).

Badgerland is located in the rural village of Blackshawhead, near Hebden Bridge in Calderdale in West Yorkshire. We are surrounded by fields and moorland, and we strongly believe that a vibrant farm economy is of vital importance to the country-side. We do not demand an end to animal farming.

Badgerland encourage people to follow whatever low-impact diet they are morally, physically or financially happy with.

The badger is Britain's favourite wild mammal; and many people have the erroneous impression that badgers, foxes, mink and other creatures with fur are cuddly countryside pets.

At Badgerland, we have seen the extensive damage that badgers can do to gardens and fields; we've also seen badgers be extremely aggressive towards one another, other species and their human helpers. We have also seen the horrific damage done to livestock and poultry by foxes, the terrible damage done to sheep and lambs by large uncontrolled dogs and many other examples of the true "blood and guts" of the countryside.

So far as we are concerned, badgers do have a cuddly image, but can be red in tooth and claw. However, that is true of many wild species - including humans.

Our objective is to educate people about badgers and how they can live their best natural lives in their preferred habitats.

Badgerland have always been and will remain an independent organisation.

We are not a mouthpiece for any particular viewpoint or organisation.

We are not recipients of any subsidies or grants that might seek to alter or remove our independent viewpoint.

We have not received any funding from DEFRA or the NFU or Natural England.

Badgerland have taken the policy decision not to become corporate members any pro-Badger organisation (like the Badger Trust).

We support badgers in any way we can (financially or otherwise).

The following organisations do a great deal to stop the persecution of animals: