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Normally a quiet night for the badgers, but today there were aware of a strange presence above the ground. They'd heard some-one quietly walking about in the woodland for a while; and they could smell, what they thought was some sort of food somewhere near the sett.

After waiting at the entrance of the sett for a good few minutes, the head badger went outside, and had a good patrol around the clearing before he signalled to the others to proceed with caution. There was food in the clearing - dollops of cat food and dog food, with several handfuls of peanuts and brazil nuts. Very useful indeed tonight, as all the badgers got something decent to eat for a change. Towards the end of the free feast, one of two flashes gave away the fact that a badger watcher was looking at the badgers, to make sure they were alright; and taking some photographs using a flashgun.

There was also a faint whiff of the human as the breeze changed direction from time to time. The badgers vaguely recognised the smell, so they were cautious but not frightened.

By about 11pm the food was gone, and the badgers ambled off in search of some wet food - like earthworms. Not likely in this continued hot summer weather. The badgers were thirsty - really thirsty - and they were starting to take some risks to try and get some water to drink.

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