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Finding Badgers?
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Central Science Laboratory (CSL)

Badger Encounters in the Wild book Badger Encounters in the Wild Jim Crumley [Book]
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Encounters in the wild

This Team (formerly managed by Dr Chris Cheeseman) researches the role of wildlife in zoonotic diseases in humans and animals, and provides scientific advice to DEFRA. The Team's objectives are as follows:

  • Carry out long-term field studies on the ecology, TB epidemiology and population genetics of wild badgers in SW England.
  • Monitor wild mammal populations for bovine TB and assess the risks to cattle.
  • Investigate badger behaviour in relation to the exploitation of farm-derived resources.
  • Provide science-based advice to DEFRA on matters relating to badgers, and other wildlife, and the control of zoonotic disease in wildlife.
  • Perform research on other zoonotic diseases as appropriate.
  • Carry out research on the impact of aspects of the DEFRA randomised badger culling trial on wild mammal populations.


  • Central Science Laboratory, Sand Hutton, York YO4 1LW

Web Site

The CSL also have links to Woodchester Park:

The CSL at Woodchester Park
Woodchester Park is another great place to do research about badgers in the UK. Being paid for by DEFRA means that some elements of the research involves looking at farm animal and wildlife diseases like bovine TB. That said, the scientists here are still of the highest calibre and produce a range of fascinating evidence-based research.
Again, Badgerland can't rate them too highly!