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Finding Badgers?
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Wildlife Conservation Research Unit
(aka Wild CRU) at Oxford University




  • Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, The Chalet, Wytham Woods, Wytham, Oxford, OX2 8QQ

Web Site

The Oxford WildCRU?
The WildCRU is one of the top institutions in the world for the study of badgers.
Badgerland can't rate them too highly!
Michael Clark book
This is a superb
book about badgers by
His immense knowledge of badgers really shines through.
We really recommend this book. Click here to buy: 2017 edition
2010 edition
Perfect Badger Photos
The very best photos you have ever seen of badgers are in this remarkable book by John Darbyshire and Laurie Campbell. Perfect photos and great writing. Click here to buy:
Badgers by Darbyshire & Campbell