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Cats by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

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Paperback 384 pages

The small price of this book hides its high quality.

A very good book and fine present for any Cat Lover.

Photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand attempts to capture the charm and elegance of the cat with a series of portraits, with and without their owners and in all their moods. Arranged by breed, the book begins with short-haired cats, including the sturdy British shorthair, the curly-coated Cornish Rex, the elegant Abyssinian and the hairless Sphinx - so ugly that only its owners could love it. Further chapters look at medium and long-haired cats such as the Scottish Fold and the Maine Coon, and the Oriental breeds, including the fabulously fluffy Persians. The "casting" for these pictures was done by an international cat show judge to select the best representatives of each breed. As well as giving full descriptions of each breed to accompany the photographs, the text explores the history and mythology of the cat.

The Photographer is known for his portrait photographs of Animals with their Owners. The photographs are of high quality and show their subject - Cats and their owners - in a way not often seen in books on cats. It is not just a book of Photographs, there is a narrative that explains each breed of cat and where they come from, which makes the book not only visually charming but also instructive.

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