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Country Foxes is a lovely 124-page paperback by by Hugh Kolb and Diana E. Brown (Illustrator). Published by well-regarded "nature" publisher Whittet Books.

Fox Watching: in the Shadow of the Fox (also from Whittet Books) is a 96-page paperback. In essence it is a handbook on how to watch foxes in the wild which explains how to select a good viewpoint by studying the signs, find the fox family, and the equipment needed for watching.

Foxes (Colin Baxter Photography), by David Macdonald is a 72-page paperback. There is not much textual information in this book, but what's in there is very good. Although it is not very "high level" information, it is fun to read and I think most people who haven't read anything about foxes before can learn a lot from it, especially children.

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