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The Hare by Jill Mason and David Mason (Photographer)

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Hardcover 192 pages
Publisher: Merlin Unwin 2005

About time too! I have been searching for a beautifully photographed and informative book about hares for many years.

This title is a complete celebration of the hare: its natural history, its behaviour and its place in folklore and literature. It features the European, North American and African hare.

What Jill Mason and her husband David do in this book is provide the stunning visual images one would expect from a photography book, along with all the facts you ever wanted to know. In addition to this, their love of hares and their enchantment of them comes across on every page. The magic, myth and mystery of hares is thoroughly explored. I have picked this book up again and again. It is the ideal present for anyone who is fascinated by our beautiful, elusive native creature.

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