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Another lovely hardback by Colin Baxter Photography.

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Widely known for their playful charm, otters are also stealthy predators, specially adept at catching prey in the water. Bobby Tulloch shares his years of experience living and working with otters on the wild and beautiful shores of the Shetland islands.'

This book is an absolute goldmine of information. The photography is excellent and reflects the intelligent inquisitive nature of the otter which sets them apart from other mammals - the otters seem to be looking into and beyond the camera lens. The text is well-written too. I consider the book to be one of my favourites.

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Written by the pre-eminent authority in the field

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Otters are highly charismatic and popular animals of very considerable concern to conservationists worldwide. This book builds on the reputation of the author's landmark monograph of the European otter, but its broader scope includes species of otter in North America, Europe and elsewhere. Aimed at naturalists, scientists and conservationists, its personal style and generously illustrated text will appeal to every-one. It emphasises recent research and conservation management initiatives for all 13 species of otter, includes molecular research on taxonomy and population genetics, and discusses otter studies for ecology and conservation biology. As well as direct observations, there is guidance about how and where to watch and study otters. This book provides an engaging approach to their fascinating existence, to the science needed to understand it, and to the very real threats to their survival.

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