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Badger on the Barge etc by Janni Howker

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"An amazingly gifted writer."
The Times Educational Supplement

"One of the leading writers for teenagers of the decade."
The Observer

Three of the bestselling, most acclaimed fiction titles of the past decade, reissued with stylish and attractive new covers. Turned into a major feature film, Janni Howker's The Nature of the Beast is an immensely powerful and gripping story about a community devastated by unemployment and the fear of an unknown beast roaming the moors - and which young Bill Coward is determined to track down. Isaac Campion is an equally explosive tale, depicting the difficult, often bitter relationship between a son and his horse-dealer father at the turn of the century. Badger on the Barge contains five stories, each concerning the relationship between the young and the old and full of memorable characters. Each of these books is a major award-winner.

These stories are all well written and have a depth most short stories don't. All the characters are believable and so are the events that happen to them. Badger on the Barge was my favourite, as it involved a girl and an old woman making friends. Both of them needed a friend, though the woman wouldn't admit it, and in the end their friendship helps them both get on with their lives.

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Badger on the Barge and Other Stories by Janni Howker