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The Badger Book (Nature Book Series) by Jo Byrne and Jane Russ

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The Badger Book takes its place as part of Graffeg's Nature Book series, exploring our relationship with Britain's best-loved wild creatures.

This addition introduces the mysterious and enigmatic Meles meles to the newly curious with fresh information in store for those with a long-standing interest.

Native for thousands of years, badgers have both revered and reviled, cherished and tormented, beloved and brutalised this book takes a closer look at Britain's largest carnivorous mammal.

Alongside magical photography, they examine the science and politics around bTB and the controversial badger cull as well as introducing a passionate group of ordinary people dedicated to rescuing them, followed by a meander through the myth, legend, art and literature which has incorporated them into our culture.

Chapters include:

  • Badger Physiology

  • Badger Watching

  • Badger Threats and the Cull

  • The Badger Protectors

  • Badgers in Myth and Legend

  • Badgers in Art & Literature 

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