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Lord Brocktree by Brian Jacques

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Great book for the over 9's

An awesome book!

Age 9 and over

Lord Brocktree is drawn to Salamandastron, ancestral home of the Badger Lords, by a clear sense of destiny. If they are to rescue the mountain from the dark days of vermin rule, Brocktree and Dotti (the irrepressible haremaid) must raise an army capable of combating Trunn's formidable Blue Hordes.

"This is a big work," says the badger Lord Russano of Salamandastron about his latest historical manuscript. "I've been two seasons now, reading through dusty old parchments, interviewing creatures for stories about their ancestors, and studying carvings in the forge. I've sat on the shore, listening to sea otters, stood beneath trees recording squirrels--huh, I've even had to crouch for four days in a mole dwelling."...

The stage is set for a glorious battle, and Jacques delivers a breathtaking denouement with all of his characteristic verve and excitement. Fans will relish this book and new readers will be drawn into its pages - probably to be hooked forever.

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