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Badgers by Tim Roper [Hardcover]

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‘The series is an amazing achievement’ The Times Literary Supplement

‘The books are glorious to own’ Independent

A comprehensive natural history of one of Britain’s favourite animals

The badger has for many years had a unique place in the British consciousness. Despite the fact that most people have never seen one, the badger has become one of Britain's best-loved animals. The number of organisations that use the badger as a logo, the number of websites featuring information about badgers, and the number of voluntary badger protection societies that exist are testament to this popularity.

In fact, the attitude of most ordinary people towards badgers is complex and contradictory, involving a combination of familiarity and ignorance, concern and indifference. For an increasing number of people, badgers constitute an important source of interest and pleasure, be it through watching them in their gardens or in the wild, sharing badger-related knowledge and experiences with others via the internet, or defending badgers against threats to their welfare.

In this highly anticipated new study, Prof Tim Roper explores every aspects of the biology and behaviour of these fascinating animals. In doing so, he reveals the complexities of a lifestyle that allows badgers to build communities in an astonishing variety of habitats, from forests to city centres.

The book contains the latest research - it is full of interesting facts and it is superbly illustrated throughout. There is no comparable book currently in print.

It is years since the last comparable book on badgers (Neal and Cheeseman) was published, and that this one is considerably larger reflects the great amount of research that has been carried out since that time. The book is divided into ten chapters, plus an appendix on how to survey for the species. The issue of badger culling is not avoided - badgers and bovine TB gets a whole chapter to itself.

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 Badgers by Tim Roper [Hardcover]