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Badger Evenings or Talks

Of course, almost every child wants to make that special trip to Alton Towers or Disney Land, but don't you ever want your children or grandchildren to see the natural world for a change? To see something that most people never see in their lifetime - a wild badger at play in the countryside? Whilst badgers can appear soft and fluffy and cuddly, they can also be very red in tooth and claw; and growing up children are often very keen to see the reality of this.

One of the best way to show children about badgers is if your local Badger Group does a community talk, as many badger groups have experienced speakers and some even have examples of taxidermy, so you can see a life-sized badger, with its strong claws and big teeth.

Teenage children and adults may also be able to go on supervised night-walks arranged by the local badger group or watch them from the relative comfort of a hide with chairs and viewing windows. Often a small fee (or a voluntary donation) may be payable and many are for members only; but they are a great way to experience animals in their real wild environment. Most badger walks have a minimum age limit, because you often need to have the patience to sit quietly for long periods, something which the very young are not always skilled at, but they can be a very useful learning experience for young teens and upwards!

Wildlife Parks

A few Wildlife Parks also have badgers; and the ones that do will tend to have badgers which do little more than sleep during the day. However, we are happy to recommend such parks as they usually make an entertaining and educational excursion and you can see animals living almost wild lives in very large enclosures.

A couple of great badger places include:

You can also go on Badger Trips or go on longer Badger Watch holidays.

"The world of badgers is in some ways analogous with the human world. Like us, their behaviour is greatly influenced by their need for homes and living space, and being social like we are, they too have their problems of learning how to live together ..... and with us"
Ernest Neal

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