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We have provided links to stories from external news organisations so you can follow the media interest in badgers, and see who writes on the subject. We do not endorse external authors.

Trio of badger cubs arrive at Secret World Wildlife Centre near Burnham

15 March 2007 - Burnham-on-Sea

This trio of cute young badger cubs are the latest arrivals at Secret World Wildlife Rescue Centre, near Burnham-On-Sea.

Bracken, Fern and Ivy arrived from Worcestershire Badger Group after having their set disturbed by builders.

Currently being hand-reared by staff at Secret World, the cubs will stay at the centre until they are ready to be released back into the wild.

Only a few weeks old, they are continuing to feed well and grow rapidly.

Ellie West, the centre's Animal Care Manager, said: "Just like human babies, all they do is eat and go back to sleep again. They are very sweet - out of all the animals that come in to us, badger cubs look the most like mini teddy bears."

Secret World is nationally acclaimed for its wildlife orphan rearing, and cares for around 40 badger cubs each year.

Although no longer open to the public on a day-to-day basis, Secret World is open for five weekends during 2007, the first one of which, the Badger Bonanza, runs from Friday 6th to Monday 9th April from 10am-4pm each day. Visitors will get an opportunity to see badgers up close. Secret World does not charge for admission but invites donations.


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