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External News for 2007

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Date: Source: Headline:
19 Dec 2007 BBC News Badger culls 'boost fox numbers'
14 Dec 2007 BBC News Badgers digging up human remains
15 Nov 2007 BBC News Service order for badger baiting
08 Nov 2007 BBC News Concern over badger baiting laws
01 Nov 2007 BBC News Badger baiting hotspot crackdown
25 Oct 2007 BBC News Badgers moved to protect cemetery
24 Oct 2007 BBC News Appeal over badger baiters' dog
23 Oct 2007 BBC News Badgers 'killed' over TB threat
22 Oct 2007 BBC News Science chief urges badger cull
16 Oct 2007 BBC News Roaming badgers perish on Scottish Roads
15 Oct 2007 BBC News Man's 25 years with badger sett
04 Oct 2007 BBC News Badger killer avoids prison term
04 Sep 2007 BBC News Baiters blamed for badger deaths
20 Aug 2007 BBC News Bad year on the roads for badgers
30 July 2007 BBC News Charges after badger sett inquiry
18 Jun 2007 BBC News Badger cull 'not cost effective'
31 May 2007 BBC News Road reopening halted by badgers
14 May 2007 BBC News Irish badger culling 'is futile'
23 Apr 2007 BBC News Officers hunt for badger baiters
19 Apr 2007 BBC News Noisy nights are sett to continue
19 Apr 2007 BBC News Digger used to free trapped dog
18 Apr 2007 BBC News Arrests after badger sett inquiry
17 Apr 2007 BBC News Freedom bid for badger sett dog
12 Apr 2007 BBC News Warning over damaged badger setts
08 Apr 2007 BBC News Creatures lurking alongside Tube
23 Mar 2007 This is Cheshire Developers asked to look after badgers
19 Mar 2007 Farmers Weekly Welsh Assembly ponders badger cull to combat TB
15 Mar 2007 Burnham-on-Sea Trio of badger cubs arrive at Secret World
05 Mar 2007 BBC News Baiting investigation dogs seized
27 Feb 2007 Farmers Weekly Lord Rooker hints at badger cull to tackle TB
25 Feb 2007 BBC News Badgers chosen over hockey pitch
30 Jan 2007 BBC News Charges in badger baiting inquiry
19 Jan 2007 BBC News Homeless badgers sett for luxury
External News

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