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External News for 2005

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Date: Source: Headline:
30 Dec 2005 Scottish Badgers Dairy Farmer fined 800 for badger drowning
17 Dec 2005 The Independent Badger culls 'undermine search for TB vaccine'
19 Dec 2005 Farmers Weekly DEFRA consults on badger cull in TB hotspots
19 Dec 2005 BBC News Huntsman denies flouting hunt ban
16 Dec 2005 Tenant Farmers Ass Tackling bovine TB
15 Dec 2005 BBC Wales No badger cull plan in TB fight
15 Dec 2005 BBC News Badger culls among anti-TB plans
14 Dec 2005 BBC News Policy may have spread cattle TB
06 Dec 2005 BBC News Badgers may be culled to halt TB
01 Nov 2005 BBC News Badger tunnels hit flood defences
25 Oct 2005 BBC News Jail's sett-to with badger family
08 Oct 2005 BBC News Badger Cull "Must Be Considered"
06 Oct 2005 BBC News Badger camera helps catch burglar
13 Aug 2005 BBC News Farmers admit to gassing badgers
03 Aug 2005 BBC News One in seven badgers has TB signs
14 Jul 2005 BBC News Dazed intruder badgers pensioner
12 Jul 2005 BBC News 'All cattle' at risk of bovine TB
05 Jul 2005 BBC News Farmer gasses badgers to stop TB
04 Jul 2005 BBC News Call to tackle bovine TB spread
09 Jun 2005 BBC News Badger TB vaccine trial launched
09 Jun 2005 BBC News Badgers have cost me 150 cattle
08 Jun 2005 BBC News Badger sparks a rescue operation
26 May 2005 BBC News Cattle movement key to TB spread
25 Apr 2005 BBC News Badgers found shot dead at sett
17 Apr 2005 BBC News Appeal for badger-baiting details
18 Mar 2005 Private Eye Down on the Farm
15 Mar 2005 Western Mail A nation of gamekeepers and park wardens
15 Mar 2005 Glasgow Herald How to stop badger being run out of town
15 Mar 2005 Huddersfield Examiner Badger Helpers Praised
10 Mar 2005 Whitehaven News Local Badgers could escape a Mass Cull
08 Mar 2005 Western Mail Bovine TB strategy avoids cull
03 Mar 2005 NWales Daily Post We'll only help with TB strategy if cull is agreed
03 Mar 2005 FT Badgers get reprieve from TB cull
02 Mar 2005 BBC News Badger cull threatened in TB row
01 Mar 2005 BBC News Badger cull could be considered
25 Feb 2005 BBC News Vets want badger cull to halt TB
21 Feb 2005 Reuters Badger Cull on the Cards
05 Feb 2005 BBC News Police target badger baiters
10 Jan 2005 BBC News Ministers pressed on badger cull
External News

We have provided links to stories from external news organisations so you can follow the media interest in badgers, and see who writes on the subject. We do not endorse external authors.