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External News for 2004

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Date: Source: Headline:
13 Dec 2004 BBC News Badgers blamed for canal collapse
02 Dec 2004 BBC News Badgers targeted over bovine TB
29 Nov 2004 BBC News DNA bank to catch badger killers
11 Oct 2004 BBC News Three Held in badger baiting raid
11 Oct 2004 BBC News Badger hanged on road sign
08 Oct 2004 BBC News Skinned badger found at roadside
14 Sep 2004 BBC News Champion bull to be slaughtered
14 Sep 2004 BBC News Somerset "Badger Sett" Bridge to Re-Open
13 Sep 2004 BBC News Dog Ban after Badgers were Disturbed
31 Aug 2004 BBC News Campaign to tackle badger cruelty
16 Aug 2004 BBC News Badger spotter harm trial stopped
14 Aug 2004 BBC News Dog causes rumpus in badger sett
22 July 2004 BBC News Badgers 'should be on the pill'
18 July 2004 BBC News Farmers kill badgers to fight TB
14 July 2004 BBC News Badger cull plan to fight TB
10 July 2004 BBC News Last link in 130m dualling road opens
28 June 2004 BBC News Deer threatened by spread of TB
02 June 2004 BBC News Badger setts delay bridge work
18 May 2004 BBC News Badger killers' 'brutal' attack
06 May 2004 BBC News Man arrested over badger baiting
26 Apr 2004 BBC News Ten arrested over badger baiting
31 Mar 2004 BBC News Diseased cattle are slaughtered
16 Mar 2004 BBC News Badgers and dog fatally poisoned
15 Mar 2004 BBC News Bare the badger is back to health
03 Feb 2004 BBC News Fears over badger baiting
02 Feb 2004 ScotlandOnline Beware Badgers Crossing
02 Feb 2004 Strathspey & Badenoch Decline in Badger sightings is giving cause for concern
10 Jan 2004 Lakeland Today Cattle TB cases put Badgers in the spotlight
08 Jan 2004 SurreyOnline Reflective posts could save badgers from cars
External News

We have provided links to stories from external news organisations so you can follow the media interest in badgers, and see who writes on the subject. We do not endorse external authors.