News about Badgers in the UK
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External News for 1999

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Date: Source: Headline:
01 Dec 1999 I of Wight Badger road deaths continue to fall
09 Nov 1999 BBC Activists Sabotage Badger Cull
03 Nov 1999 BBC Badgers gassed in 400-yr old sett
23 Oct 1999 Telegraph It's the latest thing - a really wild garden!
08 Sep 1999 Guardian Vets in TB Badger Alert
22 Jun 1999 Guardian Hate mail over trial badger cull
06 May 1999 BBC Badger Cull Provokes Protests
12 Apr 1999 Guardian What have I done to deserve this?
04 Feb 1999 Guardian Badger cull may widen to slow TB

External News

We have provided links to stories from external news organisations so you can follow the media interest in badgers, and see who writes on the subject. We do not endorse external authors.