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Minister backtracks over Pembroke badger cull

11 June 2010 - BBC News

A cull on badgers in Pembrokeshire will NOT now begin before the results of an appeal, the Welsh rural affairs minister has announced. Only two days ago, WAG Farming Minister Elin Jones (elin.jones@wales.gov.uk) said the badger killing would continue until a judge said otherwise. But she has now announced that the cull will be delayed after finding out that the Court of Appeal had agreed to bring forward the hearing to 30 June.

She said: "In light of the fact that the hearing will now be held very quickly, I can commit to a delay in removing badgers until the judgement is delivered. I do so in anticipation of an early and positive judgement for the Welsh Assembly Government." She added: "We will continue with our scientific approach that underpins our eradication programme. We will proceed with the preparatory work under the legal powers available to the WAG. In addition, farmers in the area are already subject to additional and strict cattle control measures, and we do not intend to suspend those controls."

Stephen James, deputy president of NFU Cymru said he believed the Badger Trust was "trying to employ delaying tactics" over the cull. He added: "I am confident in my own mind at appeal the High Court judgement will be upheld and that the Welsh Assembly Government will be able to proceed with the badger cull."

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