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Brocky by Sylvia Shepherd

Content-Type Badger Experience

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Brocky, a tiny badger cub, was barely a week old when he arrived in the middle of the night in the Shepherd household. Brought up in a shoebox by the man who found him, he was about eight inches long and weighed only a few ounces. To Sylvia Shepherd, her husband and her two children, he immediately became the centre of their lives. After being hand-reared, he lived with the family, going for walks with them, exploring the wilderness of their garden, playing with the children by the fire, and even occupying their beds. But, as he gradually grew bigger he began to explore the world for himself, and the inevitable and painful decision had to be taken that he should be returned to the wild.
There the story might have ended - except that having returned to the wild, Brocky would still return to the Shepherd household from time to time.
Summary Sylvia Shepherd has a great gift for describing the Lakeland countryside, and the wild life of its woodlands and fells throughout the changing seasons. It might be long out of print, but this is a genuinely good book about the companionship of a wild badger.
Written by Sylvia Shepherd
Illustrated by Sylvia Shepherd
Photographs by Sylvia Shepherd
Written in 1964
Last Revised in 1964
Size 228mm by 154mm (height by width)
Pages 78
Publisher Longmans, Green & Co
Copyright Owner Sylvia Shepherd
In Print? Out of Print
Review Date 18 October 2005
Front and Cover
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