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About Badgerland
Badgerland list these organisations because we are against hunting.
Badgerland do not condone or encourage any action which breaks the law

Hunt Sabs Rescuing a Fox from the HuntThe following organisations do all they can to prevent hunting. This may range from cozy afternoon chats with MPs in a comfortable Westminster wine bar, to direct action in the field to frustrate hunters, their horses, their supporters or other blood-sports enthusiasts.

Accordingly, the web sites may include wording or imagery which may offend the squeamish or upset some people (or children). Badgerland are not responsible for what people say on these web sites.

Hunt Saboteurs Association

North West Hunt Saboteurs Association:

Association of Hunt Saboteurs in Ireland

Respect for Animals

League Against Cruel Sports

National Anti-Snaring Campaign

Animal Rescuers Web Site