Fact-based scientifically-accurate educational information about Badgers
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Finding Badgers?
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Badgers Presentation

This PowerPoint presentation has been designed to explain the basics about badgers and how they live their lives. This presentation has been designed for these main groups of people:
  • Potential and new members of badger groups who want to know more about badgers.
  • School pupils and college students who are studying badgers.
  • Students studying animal related subjects.
  • People involved in surveying badger territories for badger groups or for planning permission related issues.

The 42 slides include a combination of text, images and photographs; and have speakers notes. This presentation is roughly 3875KBytes in size.

This presentation assumes people know nothing about badgers and their habits. It is expected that teachers and lecturers will omit slides which are beyond the capabilities of their audience.

Click Badgers PowerPoint/Acrobat PDF Presentation to buy a copy of this presentation.

In This Presentation:
Introduction to Badgers
Adult Size and Weight
Nocturnal Lifestyle
Clans, Setts and Territories
Body Language
Masking, Grooming and Feeding
Causes of Death
Month by Month
Food Sources
Feeding Signs and Snuffle Holes
Badger Noises
Badger Paths
Crossing Points
Landing Zones
Setts and Sett Types
Badger Holes
Scratch Marks
Stride Patterns
Further Information