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Finding Badgers?
See our Finding Evidence of Badgers booklet

Bait Marking Presentation

This PowerPoint presentation has been designed to show people what is involved in performing a bait-marking study, how to do the work and how to make accurate conclusions from the results. This presentation has been designed for two main groups of people, namely:
  • Students studying animal related subjects.
  • People involved in surveying badger territories for badger groups or for planning permission related issues.

The 12 slides include a combination of text, images and photographs; and have speakers notes. This presentation is roughly 470KBytes in size.

This presentation assumes people know about badgers and their habits. If you are new to the study of badgers, please view the “Badgers” and the "Finding Evidence" Presentations first.

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In This Presentation:
Introduction to Bait Marking
Initial Field Survey
Sett Types
Bait Marking
Time Periods
Preparing the Bait
Feeding the Bait
Finding the Bait
Recording the Bait
Results Map
Further Information