Fact-based scientifically-accurate educational information about Badgers
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Finding Badgers?
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Watching Badgers Presentation

This PowerPoint presentation has been designed to show people what steps to take to arrange a badger watch; and how to get the best results. As badgers are wild animals, there is no guarantee that you will see badgers on your first badger watch, but following the instructions in this presentation will improve your chances.

The 15 slides include a combination of text, images and photographs; and have speakers notes. This presentation is roughly 1270KBytes in size.

This presentation assumes people know a least a little about badgers and their habits. If students are new to the study of badgers, please view the “Badgers” Presentation first.

Click Watching Badgers PowerPoint/Acrobat PDF Presentation to buy a copy of this presentation.

In This Presentation:
Introduction to Badger Watching
Be Safe not Sorry
Be Quiet
Be Patient and Remain Downwind
Nocturnal Lifestyle
Gathering Evidence - Hair
Gathering Evidence - Footprints
Record Keeping - Dates, Times and Numbers
Record Keeping - Locations
Feeding Hints
Useful Equipment - Optics and Light
Useful Equipment - Comfort
Night Vision Equipment
Further Information