Helping Badgers and People live in harmony in the UK
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Derek A Whitcher - Whitcher Wildlife

RSPB Spotlight on Badgers book
James Lowen explores the lives of badgers and their communal living, feeding habits and threats to their conservation. Click here to buy:
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  • Derek A Whitcher
    Whitcher Wildlife
    Cliff Edge, Cliff Road, Darfield, Barnsley S73 9HR

  • Phone 01226 - 753 271
    Fax 01226 - 270 993
    Mobile 07778 - 660 065



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Badgers and their Setts are protected under The Protection of Badgers Act 1992. The Water Vole's habitat is protected through its inclusion in Wildlife and Countryside Act .

Neither Act is designed to prevent development but it is incumbent on all developers to ensure that their actions do not contravene this legislation. Development plans must include mitigation measures to ensure that badgers and/or water voles can continue to live in harmony with that development.

Derek is here to advise how to achieve your objectives without contravening legislation, at competitive rates. He is here to offer positive solutions to your problems.

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