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JDC Ecology

Contact Details

  • John Darbyshire - JDC Ecology
  • Cleuch Farm, Crawfordjohn, Biggar, South Lanarkshire ML12 6ST


  • Phone 01864 504 278 or Fax 01864 504 069




John Darbyshire became well-known in badger circles as the author of a famous badger book along with Laurie Campbell.

Since then he has put his badger knowledge to good use, working as one the the most recognised badger consultants in the country, through his firm JDC Ecology.

JDC Ecology now works with badgers and other wildlife (bats, otters, red squirrels, water voles, shrews, mink, insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds and various plantlife). JDC provide ecology services across the country. Badgerland are happy to recommend John for the highly-regarded work he does as a badger expert and as an ecologist.

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