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SCF Badger Services

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James Lowen explores the lives of badgers and their communal living, feeding habits and threats to their conservation. Click here to buy:
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SCF Badger Services are a family badger consultancy with 20 years experience of working with badgers. They have specialist knowledge in moorland badgers, badgers in drift mines, badgers in quarries and urban badgers.

They offer a wide range of badger-related services some of which are listed below;

  • Pre-planning Badger surveys
  • Desktop badger surveys
  • Site monitoring
  • Badger mitigation
  • Badger mitigation method statements
  • Full project planning and management of badger mitigation
  • Licence applications for sett closures
  • Licence applications for working on or near active badger setts
  • Licence supervision work
  • Artificial sett design and construction
  • Project planning
  • Bespoke training programmes, classroom based and in the field
  • Expert witness cases
  • Public enquires
  • Presentations and talks
  • School visits (CRB clearance) from key stage 1 upwards
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