Helping Badgers and People live in harmony in the UK
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Pearce Badger Consultants

Contact Details

  • Tris Pearce t/a G E Pearce Badger Consultants
  • Cedar Lodge, Wilcott Marsh, Shrewsbury,
    Shropshire SY4 1AR


  • Phone 01743 741 421
  • Mobile 07811 113 250


Web-site and Social Media


Expert, authoritative, independent and un-biased advice on every aspect of badger care, management, badger licensing and development where badgers are involved.

Land surveys, including developments, highways and pipelines, to establish whether badgers are present or likely to be affected by planned work. Exclusion of badgers from setts where the need is proven Specialists in preventing badger damage. Badger re-location when unavoidable. Design and construct artificial setts. Advise on all situations involving badgers, particularly in planning and development.


TRISTAM E PEARCEís experience with badgers and foxes dates back from childhood when he aided his father in running an animal rehabilitation unit in conjunction with the RSPCA that catered for injured badgers, foxes and owls. He has now over 30 years experience.


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