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Finding Badgers?
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Badger Watch Dorset

From our hide, enjoy the unique site of badgers emerging from their setts and foraging for food. The area is floodlit for perfect vision and visits from owls, foxes, rabbits and bats add to the spectacle which is available all year round.

If you decide to visit us we recommend that you bring a torch (to light the short walk from the car park too the hide) some walking boots or stout shoes, warm outdoor clothing and if you wish to stay in the hide until dawn, we suggest you bring some form of refreshments

We are pleased to announce that during the last three years we have recorded a 80% sightings record at Badger Watch Dorset, this means that you are virtually guaranteed to see wild badgers in their own natural environment. We know we have at least 12 badgers (a number which grows with each breeding season) in a sett which is believed to be hundreds of years old.

We are open from February-November and recommend that you book early to avoid missing your required dates. To contact us please:

  • Dorset Badger Watch, Old Henley Farm, Buckland Newton, Dorchester, Dorset, DT10 2AQ
Phone, Fax or Mobile
  • Phone 01300 - 345 293
  • Fax 01300 - 345 293
  • Mobile 0860 - 759 996
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