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Badger-Watch (Oxfordshire)

Badger-Watch offer a secluded self-catering holiday amongst badgers, birds, foxes and other wildlife, near the Cotswold's

To support their wildlife project, book a holiday or request a brochure, please call Sandra Butt on

Badger-Watch started in 1987 at College Barn Farm. The project includes planting trees and shrubs as well as encouraging, protecting and preserving the resident wildlife. Badger-Watch and all of our visitors protect the College Barn Farm badgers by observing the setts daily and the badgers most evenings by floodlight.

Their aim is to establish a seven-acre wildlife area containing as many different varieties of trees and wildlife as possible, with our badger setts and three ponds included within the area. To enable this project to proceed as fast as possible, they have established accommodation and other facilities for visitors. Any profit from the accommodation is reinvested back into the conservation project.

Badger-Watch offer you the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful, relaxing holiday in a secluded, modern mobile home in the heart of the countryside where you can watch badgers by floodlight from a warm hide at night. During the day there are many other varieties of wildlife to observe at the farm.


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