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Animal Encyclopedia by Jayne Parsons

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Paperback - 376 pages
Dorling Kindersley

Ideal children's encyclopedia of animals!

Discover the magical world of animals, from Aardvark through to Zebra. Love animals? Then come on a journey through the alphabet and find out all about the 2 million species on Earth.

Discover why some birds fly, but others don't. Get close to creepy-crawlies you never knew existed, from meat eaters to ones with lots of legs! Or meet the tiny things you can't see, but live closer to you than you might ever imagine!

This work includes six sections on each major animal group including mammals, reptiles, creepy crawlies, birds, amphibians and fish.

Stunning up-close photography reveals how all kinds of animals and plants live together.

It includes fully cross-referenced topics, perfect for homework or projects.

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