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Flora Britannica by Richard Mabey

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Hardcover - 480 pages

Astonishingly good

Loads of information about the uses of plants in Britain!

Covering the native and naturalized wild plants of England, Scotland and Wales, this reference guide to plants and flowers contains over 500 colour images.

Distillation of country lore - A high quality book, with good photos and excellent entries on the wild flowers, herbs and trees. The marvellous bit is how the author has drawn from contributors who have passed on their local names, stories and memories about common British plants. A real storehouse to be read and enjoyed on wet and windy days.

Britain's natural wealth in one book - Richly-coloured photos detail the flowers, plants and even weeds of the UK. Their stories, history, medicinal uses, recipes - even appearance in nursery rhymes, are covered in this glorious book. Thousands of people contributed to this book, and it shows. Every page feels like a labour of love - it took five years to put together and was a decade in the planning. I can believe it too. Buy the book and pass it on to your children as it is destined to be an heirloom.

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