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History of British Mammals by Derek Yalden

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Hardcover - 305 pages
Academic Press Inc.
Poyser Natural History
31 Jul 2002

A magnificently-crafted reference book!

As the ice retreated from Britain 15,000 years ago, large mammals including Reindeer, Wild Horses, Mammoths, Moose, Wolves, Brown Bears, Lynxes, and Wolverines established themselves in Britain. About a quarter of our mammal species have been introduced in the last 15,000 years. These are largely domestic animals, such as cattle, sheep, pigs, and humans. This book explores the fate of the extinct species, as well as how, why, and when the introduced species appeared.

Seminal - Yalden weaves a rich tale, beginning with the mammals of the last ice age, through to the extinctions in historical times, and eventually the distribution and conservation of the mammals we see today. The writing style is chatty and informal, and is a really enjoyable read. This book has something for everyone, from someone with an interest in the natural history of the British Isles, to an academic interested in biogeography or mammalogy.

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