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Zoology by R Dorit

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1136 pages hardback

Highly recommended for any A-Level or degree course biologist!

In-depth zoology. All animal classes covered, with superb illustrations!

A one- or two-term introductory zoology course. Comprehensive, flexible and accessible, the text is derived from the highly-successful General Zoology 6/e course. Evolution is emphasized at the very beginning in discussions of molecular and cell biology. A systems/classification organization and emphasis on "predictive value" reinforce the evolutionary theme, and four-colour illustrations enhance the value of the superbly detailed drawings.

  • Basis of Zoology, Modern Biology and Evolution.Molecules and Origin of Life.Genetics and Evolution. Embryonics.

  • Animal Form and Function.Body Covering, Support, And Movement.Digestion and Nutrition.Cellular Respiration, Gas Exchange and Metabolic Rates.Internal Transport. Immune System.

  • Animal Diversity. Taxonomy, Phylogeny and the Origin and Evolution of the Animal Kingdom. Fishes, Amphibians,Reptiles,Birds,Mammals,Primates and Human Evolution.

  • Interactions of Organisms and Their Environment. Population Ecology, Communities and Ecosystems.

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