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Field Guide to Mammals of GB & Europe
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Paperback - 192 pp
Kingfisher Books
November 1991

Extremely well set out, very clear 'page-per-mammal' format!

A guide to all the terrestrial and aquatic mammals likely to be seen in Britain and Europe, with over 160 covered in detail. Concise descriptions summarize the key physical features, behaviour and range of each main animal, as well as distinguishing the similar species. Complete checklists of identification are provided in handy fact panels. These also give important supplementary information such as life cycle and conservation status. Illustrations show each main animal together with nests, tracks, signs and close-up details that help to differentiate similar species.

The distribution of each mammal is shown in a clear map, which illustrates both the main range and any remnant populations. The guide also includes a practical introduction to the techniques of mammal identification, and lists of further reading, and useful addresses.

Extremely well thought out - good illustrations, map distributions and concise 'at-a-glance' charts of physical details, food and habitats, and life cycle details.

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