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Complete British Wildlife

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5-star book

384-page paperback

6 - 15 clear photos per page

Complete British Wildlife (from HarperCollins Natural History), is a superb photographic guide describes almost all the mammals, birds and butterflies likely to encountered by the keen amateur naturalist in Britain, as well as all the common flowers, trees and shrubs. It also includes a few unusual species of plants and animals.

Easy-to-read summaries - This is a wonderful resource even if you don't have children! The pictures make it so easy to recognise what you are looking for, and the well written explanations really make you feel like you are learning something. Our children get so excited when they can put a proper name to something they have found, and they are developing a really sense of value for the creation we are part of.

Excellent reference book for British wildlife - An excellent book for reference, especially in your garden. I especially found it useful in identifying the birds in my garden and the wild flowers in the local hedgerows.

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